Nature-based Solutions: from definition to implementation (September 2020)

IUCN CEM Ecosystem Restoration Thematic Group Webinar Series

You can find the complete Series Playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy4Yp_6qh0uEz_oq53_UhEDLHUZNPljRU

Nature-based Solutions: from definition to implementation 

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are defined as “actions to protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural or modified ecosystems, that address societal challenges effectively and adaptively, simultaneously providing human well-being and biodiversity benefits”. This webinar will focus on the work that IUCN and CEM have developed since NbS was adopted as one of the three areas of work in their Programme. The IUCN developed conceptual and definitional frameworks for NbS, including a set of eight principles for NbS interventions. This work, embracing several ecosystem-based and related approaches, serves as the foundation for the development of the Global Standard for the successful implementation of NbS, which has recently been launched.

Emmanuelle Cohen-Shacham, Nature-based Solutions Thematic Group Lead, IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM)Emmanuelle Cohen-Shacham is a consultant, researcher and group lead in the fields of nature conservation, environmental sciences and policy, with 18 years of experience working in academic institutes, governmental and non-governmental bodies. She has worked in different countries around the Mediterranean Basin, in the Netherlands, Switzerland, French Polynesia, and the USA

Emmanuelle previously led the IUCN CEM Ecosystem Services Thematic Group, she has contributed to developing the IUCN work on Nature-based Solutions (NbS) since 2014 and she is leading the CEM Thematic Group on NbS for the past 4 years. She is the lead author of the IUCN/CEM book Nature-based Solutions to address global societal challenges and of the 2019 paper on the IUCN core principles for NbS, and she was closely involved in the development of the Global Standard on NbS.She studied Environmental Sciences at Tel-Hai College, Israel and Wageningen University, the Netherlands and she did her Ph.D. on the link between the provision of ecosystem services and ecosystem management in Mediterranean wetlands, at Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

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