Centre of global governance
+ 2,800 meetings annually
+ 219,000 delegates from around the world
37 International Organizations (IOs)
380 Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)
177 States represented by a Permanent Mission


The Geneva Action Platform for Engaging, Learning, and Information (Gapeli) is a not-for-profit start-up based in Geneva, Switzerland, the centre of international governance. The team draws on rich and diverse experience in each of our priority topics in areas ranging from education, communications, and computer science to policy analysis.


Gapeli promotes sustainability related content and does so by focusing a real-time lens on the actual events, in particular, global debates and negotiations. This content delivery aspect is enhanced with supplementary analytical material. Our main goal is to strengthen knowledge and understanding of global challenges, building further on the inclusiveness of those debates and negotiations thereby developing our world on a more sustainable way.

We work with Intergovernmental Organisations and institutions, Civil Society and NGOs, Think Tanks, the media, academia and the private sector committed to promoting sustainability.

Focus areas

As we move forward into the 21st century, we believe that the focus areas below remain crucial not only in meeting basic human needs but also in improving peoples’ lives and building a sustainable future for everyone.

Our five focus areas include: Environment, Health, technology & innovation, Agriculture and Economics.



Getting the right content, to the right person, at the right moment.

Uchop was designed on the basis that we wanted to be a world-class provider of pioneering and cost-effective video sharing innovative solutions. It is a unique platform with novel solutions to curate, publishes and share video content, whilst increasing engagement from the audience. Uchop is a proudly ad-free and subscriber-supported video platform.

UChop enables anyone to easily share the best 1 minute video moments of Live or On Demand content, by a click of the button.

Why we do it:
As part of Gapeli, Uchop aims to increase access to video content, share knowledge and inspiring the audience to be more engaged in the topics that are shaping our world.

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Content institute is a knowledge transfer platform for sharing research, analyses, data, and solutions on global challenges facing Africa in order to enhance sustainable development on the continent.

Content institute connects globally and interactively, a wide variety of stakeholders: experts, policymakers, researchers, international organisations, universities, civil society, governments, media, field practitioners, development partners and the public from both developed and African countries.

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Content Lab

Content Lab is a project that encourages Content-related innovations.

Content Lab promotes innovations of tools and approaches that facilitate content access, production and sharing to improve existing communication tools making them more user friendly and compatible for locals, especially in developing countries.

We are proud of our first innovative broadcast solution that allows local broadcasters to show remote live events directly on television or radio without paying (satellites) transmission extensive costs and Uchop.

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Adil is a specialist in global health and supports the Gapeli team with higher education partnership activities
In addition, he is the Director of Business Development at UrSure, Inc., a diagnostics start-up focused on HIV medication adherence. His prior experience includes strategy and policy development at the Global Fund, consulting for the HIV/AIDS department of the World Health Organization, and scaling up community health services in Liberia.

Adil has a master’s in mechanical engineering and is currently pursuing his Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree at Harvard University.
Arthur supports the Gapeli team with business development activities. He has solid experience in sales, marketing, project management and business development for private companies and public sector initiatives.

Arthur holds an MBA from Ecole de Commerce de Lyon.
Brice supports the Gapeli team with web developing activities. He is a creative web developer and a senior programmer with vast experience of creating logical and innovative solutions to complex problems.
Brice has a keen interest in technology, mobile applications and user experience.
Brice holds IT Bachelor degree from the Caen Normandy University in France
Florentin is a founding member of Gapeli and supports the team to develop student’s programs and activities. He is passionate about sustainable development.

Florentin holds an MSc in Global Business Sustainability and an BSc in Business Administration, from the Rotterdam School of Management- Erasmus University.
Ian supports the Gapeli team with market and business intelligence. Ian is also part of the Gapeli board team
Ian has broad market intelligence experience working for large and small corporations as well as governmental and international organizations. He has a long history of integrating innovative high-tech solutions into working practices and delivering value to diverse groups.
Ian holds a BSc in Computer Science from Coventry University and an MBA from the Geneva University.
Jean-Philippe supports the Gapeli team with products and technical activities
He is a highly experienced video director and an audio-visual consultant for many international organisations and companies in Switzerland.

Jean-Philippe is a media productions lecturer at SAE Institute, a creative media institute in Geneva.
Patrick supports the Gapeli team with application developing and programming activities.
He is currently a training Content Developer at Red Hat. Patrick is specialized in learning platform or course management system (CMS) such as Moodle.

Patrick holds an IT Bachelor degree from Henam in Belgium.

Solange cofounded Gapeli

She is a global health specialist with extensive experience health, where she manages projects in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and NGOs specialising in public health.
Solange is passionate about operational and process policy development.
Solange completed her M.Sc. in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Science Based Business (SBB) from the Leiden University in The Netherlands. She also holds an Executive Master in International Negotiation and Policy-Making from The Graduate Institute in Geneva.

Yves-René cofounded Gapeli

Yves-René is a digital media consultant with various international organizations based in Geneva. In 2010, he cofounded Duniamedia, a Swiss-based media company specialized in full scale media and communication company that specialises in the delivery of high quality campaigns and products.
Prior to that, he was one the first 15 digital broadcast engineers trained and specialized on Akamai- Flash Live streaming betting sport content at Perform Group (A world leader at broadcasting and commercialising sports in digital media) in London.
Yves-René completed has a prestigious degree in Cinema and Audiovisual Arts in France and an M.A. in Communication, majoring in Humanitarianism and Development.