Frequently asked questions

Accessing Gapeli copyrighted material
About Gapeli copyrighted material from the Geneva Action Platform (GAP) The Gapeli Server contains multimedia material under Gapeli copyright. You can freely download and use the high-resolution version of these files, provided you agree and respect the conditions of use.
How to access Gapeli copyrighted material?
Click on the "download" link of a file. The conditions of use are then displayed. You can agree or disagree to the conditions of use by clicking on the "Agree" or "Disagree" button. If you accept the conditions, the download will start. Note that if a file is restricted and you are not logged in, you will be redirected to the Gapeli login page. Follow the instructions on-screen to login (or request lost password, etc.)
How can I get a better resolution of a document (pictures, texts…)?
The documents on the Gapeli Server are generally already the highest quality available.

What about low-resolution multimedia files?
Low-res files are also protected by the Gapeli copyright, and subject to the same conditions of use as high resolutions files. Though you will not need to login to access them, you agree to the same conditions by downloading this material.

Who can I contact in case of question or problem?
You can contact the following services to request more detailed information: for general and technical support help.
copyright page for questions related to copyright, conditions of use, etc.