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Why You should mind having Weather App Installed in your mobile phones

#Innovation on the use of weather and climate information.

Weather and climate is a complex system that does not have neither geographical nor political boundaries.
Weather varies in both spatial and temporal scales-Jerald Fleming.

Several computer models, General Circulation Models (GCMs), Regional Circulation Model (RCMs) nested within GCMs have been used to give forecast of the next weather evolution in set timescales. This provides a range of information but not a finer differences for someone at a local place.

Through inventions and innovations, in the development of weather app for example ACCU weather app, these complex information have been simplified in such a way that they are now fathomable to the end users (layman) , they can understand and interpret what the app says about the weather evolution in space and time.

Of most important, some technologies have reconsidered the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) or the Annex III countries which are not at per with technological innovation with Annex I or II countries. As such they have developed, more simplified weather apps for these countries to enable them understand in a simples language what the weather is all about.

Some weather apps gives an interactive platform, user-interface kind of by enhancing originality, navigation in it. Some weather app translates the weather parameters into local languages that are understandable by locals like (Kiswahili language in Kenya, for example; Morning hours-Asubuhi; Evening hours- Jioni)

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