WMO; Weather apps and their pivotal role in environmental prediction

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Various nations through NDCs are making contributions to tackle the climate emergency.

The climate emergency, a constituent of environmental action and activism has no exclusion to elements of climate and weather.

Weather forecasting has over the recent times gained traction due to it's role in prediction of forthcoming and future alterations in weather and climate conditions. Despite the seemingly adverse impacts left along by climate change, forecasts and updates give a record, prediction, a means of monitoring and measuring impact created of environmental interactions and interventions.

Weather apps have played a central role in providing a means of measuring and prediction of impacts arising from environmental interactions. Increased technological advances through weather apps have also aided and boosted the ease of weather information dissemination and delivery among global communities.

WMO showcases the most recommended weather apps from a global pool, each with distinct and unique features, basing on reliability, accuracy and consistency in weather forecast.

Forecasting using weather apps is slated to not only give information to guide agricultural production systems, but also decisions with regards to environmental laws and policies at global, regional and national levels.

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