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Has it ever crossed your mind living in a world where a basic commodity like food was out of existence?

In the current world and current statistics most of the plants species and animal species are going into extinction, why? This is because of what I call Climate Change. Many of the living creatures which live on earth or underneath it depend on each other which creates a cycle known as,Biodiversity.This means that even the very tiny worms in the soil,the green cover,the marching ants,the big five,the birds of the air to the small fish in the oceans play a big role in this biodiversity chain.
Excluding one in the chain would mean extinction of the other cause one depends on the other that depends on it. Due to this it ends up to an environment called survival for the fittest.

Like a current example, Elephants in Sri Lanka have to feed on dumpsites only because humanbeings have encroached too much into their space.
Many aquatic life is dying cause of rising temperatures which lead to warm oceans causing ocean acidification therefore an approximate of 1billion people end up missing the protein in their diets, hence lack of a balanced diet which leads to unhealthy eating.

We can always avoid all this negative acts towards environment and we will reduce the quick ice melting which leads to too much water in the ocean causing floods to the coastal regions and live a happy life. This is what I refer to as *Mutualism*

For a smooth flowing biodiversity cycle let's all play our part and build a positive symbiosis.

Chopped by

Elijah Muindi

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