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Omicron variant "travel apartheid"


With new variants of the covid 19 virus being discovered everyday, there is a lot of uncertainty around how to react and what measures to take.

With the discovery and identification of the Omocron variant there has been a lot of policy changes and travel bans especially to countries in Southern Africa while some of the countries that have been struck with travel restrictions have not had any cases of the Omicron variant as compared to other countries outside Africa which have reported numerous cases.

Many are calling this "travel apartheid" as there is no justifiable basis as to why such strict measures to certain countries have been implemented yet there are measures for safe travel and vaccination's available for those who have to travel.

Although they have not yet determined if the new variant is more dangerous or less than the other variants such as the delta and gamma variants, This uncertainty surrounding the new variant has not helped the situation especially with the low vaccination numbers in African countries due to various reasons such as the lack of access to the vaccines.

Chopped by

Flevian Jaden

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