Eco-SIM card: Vodafone Group.

SDG 12

The Vodafone Group worldwide expecting to start producing it's sim cards from recycled plastics.

This is towards the #beatPlastics campaign to adhere sustainable development agenda of 2030. By doing so it is reduce the plastic uses by around 340 tonnes annually with the growth of digital e-SIMs to go green.

The ultimate goal is to eliminate the need for plastic SIMs entirely, (Vodafone, 2021).

In the WAR to beat plastics everyone is responsible, individual action matter. Personally you can adopt the following things that I used to do to beat plastics:

1. Use recyclable bags while shopping.
2. Stop buying bottled water.
3. Always do bulk purchase.
4. Use the Eco-SIMs
5. Be smart wherever you are.

It is possible, Together we can.

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Meshack K. Mollel

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