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World Clean Up Day.

SDG 12 SDG 13

World cleap up day is the biggest civic action that is done every year towards a better planet with over 200 countries around d the world and billions of volunteers putting in much effort to save our planet.
On this day millions of tonns of toxic waste is collected from the environment to keep it clean and revive it to its original glory. Most of these cleans have tendency to take place around water bodies since most large corporations have neglected the common decency and tend to dispose of their waste in our water bodies. A big percentage of the water bodies are filled up with waste especially plastics from such companies like Coca Cola wgich are the world's biggest producers of plastic.
As much world clean up helps in cleaning the environment but we clean up the earth in one day out 365 days but spend the rest of the 364 days filling it with the same trash we collect once a year.
Everyday should be world clean up day and an individual responsibility to live a conscious life aware of the decisions we take especially towards making our environment better.
The governments should not have only policies that only sit somewhere and not enforced but enforce to the core, climate emergency is real and we should make better budgetary allocatipn towards saving our planet.
Letscwork everyday towards a greener and better environment.

Chopped by

Mercy Mumbi

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