Chopped by Jenipher Oduor

How the Western Food Industry is Making Poor Countries Fat

#JunkFood #Obesity

In Europe, food manufacturers have signed up to responsibility pledges, promising no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors and not to target children. So why are they using tactics banned in the West in the developing world?

Recently in India Major western fast-food industries have opened in the poor and middle-class areas. The 3 major fast-food companies are Dominos, KFC, and McDonald’s. The rise of junk food diets are the single most important driver of both obesity and undernourishment worldwide. Millions of children worldwide are growing up stunted for a lack of nutritious foods, while others are falling victim to a wide range of conditions and cancers linked to obesity because of an oversupply of junk food. The globalization of processed junk food has brought us all to this precipice, and getting off it will require swift, coordinated and creative action from a range of decision makers across society who recognize the value in ensuring healthy diets for all.

Chopped by

Jenipher Oduor

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