Youth Championing for Rule of Law.

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SDG 8 SDG 16

Crime results in the deprivation of the rights and dignity of citizens, and poses a threat to peaceful resolution of differences and rightful participation of all in the democratic process. Violent crime often leads to a tragic loss of life and injury, and the loss of possessions and livelihood due to crime is incalculable.

A case of South Africa, crime casts fear into the hearts of South Africans from all walks of life and prevents them from taking their rightful place in the development and growth of the country. It inhibits citizens from communicating with one another freely, from engaging in economic activity and prevents entrepreneurs and investors from taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the country.

Africa has the youngest, largest and fastest growing population in the world. The youth have a major role to play in championing for the rule of law as they are the most affected by violence and crime. Engaging them is in activities and crafting of policies is therefore very key.

Violence prevention requires contributions from many different sectors (e.g. social development, youth social work, urban development, education and policing) and all levels of government. Therefore collaboration and partnership amongst these stakeholders is key to advance this agenda.

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So profound and implimentation of the laws will be a big step in the development of the community and nation at large.
By Elijah Muindi, on 28/07/2021 17:22