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Partnerships and Cooperation.

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One of the key factors that will come in handy when it comes to uh combatting the major crisis that we are facing as a planet is working together through partnerships and cooperation and joining hands together towards achieving this sustainable development goals.
Some of the major problems that we are facing not only as the African continent but the whole world at large is poor water sanitation, plastics/fossil fuels, hunger and the worst of all that is irreversible is climate crisis. If only governments will invest in trying to mitigate the effects of climate rather than using the funds in settling those affected by climate crisis and changes. There's not enough emphasis that can be put in trying to make our leaders understand that prevention is better than cure. If we'll join hands and works together towards a common goal we will end up accomplishing so much rather than walking as separate groups/individuals working towards the same goal. there is a common saying that says when you walk alone you walk fast but when you work together you will go far.
If we all work together towards finding the problems we have in our societies then put our heads together in find solutions it will definitely cost has less time and friends and fans compared to trying to combat each problem individually.
Each region/country/city/continent has a different problem compared to another so a key point would be to understand the different problems we have and try combating them one by one.
Partnerships may include working together but they also have a limitation on what can be done together otherwise it can bring a lot of chaos and restlessness. Partnerships should bring people together and foster peace towards the benefit of the parties involved.

Suzanne Larsson
Head Corporate Engagement & Partnerships at Solidaridad
Chopped by

Mercy Mumbi

Amazing...There's power in uniting all for a good course.
Collaboration always has great impact on matters to do with restoration
By Elijah Muindi, on 17/07/2021 13:12