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Risk of monopolization of big pharma.

SDG 3 SDG 17

At the beginning of the pandemic many companies swore to come up with a corona virus vaccine by the end of the year and start clinical trials and distribution soon after that. Thus shifting the focus of all big pharma companies into developing a vaccine for the corona virus creating a 'race' in a sense. With the first company to successfully generate the vaccine having benefits of being the monopoly in the industries in terms of price setting and distribution.

An effect of this is that everything else is shoved to the side and the priority is no longer public health but profit.

This has been seen many times in instances where the medicine that people need to survive and cannot go without such as insulin or cancer drugs are priced much higher leading a lot of those who need it to go bankrupt or go without just for the big pharmaceutical companies to make a high profit margin.

Chopped by

Flevian Jaden

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