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Plastic OR planet

SDG 13 SDG 14

Today is international plastic bag free day
What do you use to package your shopping?
We use Plastic bags in almost everything because it's light... Our planet is drowning into plastic marine species ingest Plastic which end up chocking them, causing injuries and even death plastic is a major contribution of global warming too
Remember to use a reusable bag no more plastics for planet
Human share the planet with other 8.7 million species
It's not degradable product

*Reasons not to use plastic bags*
It pollutes nature
It doesn't degrade
It's hard to recycle
It's made from fossil fuels
It harms human health
It's costly to buy and clean up
It harms animal health
There are better alternatives

Producing one tonne of plastic generates up to 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

(Material Economics, 2018)
Plastic production has been forecast to grow by 60% by 2030 and to treble by 2050.

(Center for International Environmental Law, 2019)

Chopped by

Alice C. Tanui

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