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Africa Pathway Towards Green Recovery.

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Africa being among 'the poor continents' makes it even more difficult to deal with climate crisis cases because we do not have enough to fund combating climate changes facing us. We loose 5% of of the GDP to try and combat climate effects the people face like floods, drought and hunger and people being displaced by some of these factors. Some countries even go as far spending 15% of the GDP to try help those affected by the changes in climate.
If we invested much in dealing with climate crisis ad trying to mitigate the effects rather than dealing with the after wrath of the effects which are more difficult to deal with. The return on investment that we can get from dealing with climate issues rather that waiting for impact would be great, lets take a example where we get floods we ca build dams to store that i turn will be used during the drought season both for domestic use ad irrigation ensuring farmers don't lose their farming investment and return eradicating hunger.
My opinion is that instead of the UN and UNEMG investing funds in the big corporations whose only work is just round table meetings ad policies that they think affect the communities they should invest in the small initiatives in the villages who have first had experience with the problems that communities face on day to day basis. There is o way somebody whose country of residence is the U.S and has the privilege to travel in different parts of the world will truly understand the kind of problems a marginalized community in North Eastern of Kenya goes through ad the person has not even has not been able to even visit a developed town in their own country.

Chopped by

Mercy Mumbi

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