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Most Environmental Damaging Industries - Mining takes the lead as agriculture takes 10th!

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The mining industry been the most environmental damaging industry, as the demand of product increase and is continuing to increase, so as the demand for the materials such as copper, coal, natural gas and iron is increasing the result of this, is larger and deeper mines. Hence it is evident that there are mining from thousands and even hundreds of years ago but the legacy of industrial mining will reshape landscapes.

Mining pollution can cause a lot of health and environmental pollution, the results can impact domestic water supply, irrigation, animal water supply, fisheries. High lead levels in blood can cause devastating health effects such as coma, seizures, this was seen in the facility of the Bunker Hill mine complex in the 1990's.

Although agriculture industries may seem the least to environmental damage but In 2016, the Guardian published a research claiming that farming was Europe's leading source of air pollution. The study at the core of the 2016 Guardian piece goes much further, demonstrating the influence of industry on air pollution. When nitrogen compounds are combined with air that has already been contaminated by other businesses, solid particles form that can stick in the fine lung tissue of children and adults, causing breathing problems, decreased lung and heart function, and finally premature expiration.

Chopped by

Angel Bira

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