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In the commemoration of the 15th Edition of the GHI (Global Hunger Index) it is highlighted that in the year 2019 the main challenges towards goal two were hunger and climate change whereby in 2020 in Kenya the situation has worsened because of the invasion of the locusts and increased floods due to changed rain patterns.

Food is really a main component in the proper running of a country's economic. A good example Nepal was recognized as country where people have grown healthier and the country's economy being stable simply because their GHI had closed in towards zero.

Lastly the 3 major GHI measures and indicators are : -

a.) Inadequate food supply
b.) Child undernutrition.
c.) Child mortality due to mulnutrition.

Basically with the above three,this is enough signal of how quick and fast we should act towards reducing the index to 0% by the year 2030.

The economy of a nation is fueled by either the nation's resources,tax etc,but what of it's citizens?

Chopped by

Elijah Muindi

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