Chopped by Pascalia Kaguara

We Should All Be Eco Tourists

Most of us like to travel to explore new places and experience different cultures. Travel and tourism is among the major industries in the world contributing around 10.4 percent to the global gross domestic product (GDP). The industry also supports 334 million employees prior to COVID 19 pandemic that restricted movements.
Ecotourism is defined by the international eco tourism society as responsible travel that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people. With the main objective being minimizing the impact on the environment brought about by tourism. Eco tourism aims to integrate conservation, sustainability and communities.
Those who practice eco tourism are supposed to follow principles that are globally beneficial to the environment. Such benefits include: creation of awareness of environmental conservation, exploration of new cultures, sustainable resource use, creation of income especially for local communities and helps preserve traditional knowledge.
With all these benefits among others, we should all be eco tourists.

“We’re trying to find a tourism model that allows communities to thrive while business prospers.”
Jochen Zeitz, Businessman