Chopped by Flevian Jaden

International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. 26th June


The theme for this years International Day Against Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking is share facts on drugs, save lives.

In recent years drug abuse has risen with health studies indicating that not only has the potency of some drugs doubled in some regions but the general acceptance and use of those drugs quadrupled.

Like the covid- 19 pandemic has taught us fact based information can save lives. Hence the need to integrate some of the lessons we have learned during these times into the fight against drug abuse and illicit trafficking. Proper dissemination of information/facts, access to health care, and responsible consumption and regulation through partnerships can help in the fight against drug abuse.

What is drug abuse?

Excessive use of psychoactive drugs, such as alcohol, pain medications or illegal drugs. It can lead to physical, social or emotional harm.