Chopped by Flevian Jaden

Regional nexus dialogue to build back better


The covid-19 pandemic has shaken up many sectors within our societies and revealed many vulnerabilities and areas where we need to work on.

These vulnerabilities create a rare opportunity to build back better. In the sense of better policies that can be implemented feasibly and work better than the processes already in place. Some of the areas these policies can be implemented in terms of the major vulnerabilities revealed are the health sector, sanitation and education.

As mentioned in earlier segments if the recovery is not green and inclusive then it is just responding to the crisis and postponing the crisis rather than being prepared for it. The green recovery framework to build better should tackle the root causes of inequalities that allow for such vulnerabilities as exposed by the Covid-19 pandemic and strive to invest in transformational projects in line with the 2030 agenda which is currently the best model plan to achieve this.