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3 main building blocks of green recovery

The only recovery we can consider from COVID 19 is green and inclusive. Anything other than that is simply a cost of postponing crisis. Policies and investments taken today will determine if future human challenges are amplified or mitigated.
Each country has different pathways to green recovery as a result of differences in finance and resources. There is also alot of political commitment which isn't translated to spending.
The three main building blocks of green recovery include;
1.Addressing root causes of unsustainable development and social inequalities and of climate and nature loss. National economic and development planning needs to be aligned with the future we want. A huge gap exists between ambition and reality.
2.Focus on climatic and sectional planning at National level which is aligned with the 2030 agenda
3.Investing in transformational projects. Increasing capacity building for green recovery by creating an enabling environment working with civil society and private sector


Asad Naqvi
Head of Secretariat, PAGE Secretariat
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