Food Waste is Making Climate Change Worse | NBCLX

Food waste is clogging up landfills and sending greenhouse gases into the air. While we throw out perfectly good food, others go hungry.

Dumpster divers are highlighting this food waste problem by going months eating only from what they find in garbage bins.

Organizations like Food Rescue US are rescuing food, that would have gone in the trash, and taking it to people who need it. Watch where the United States ranks on food waste compared to other countries that have passed laws to limit food waste.

Produced by NBCLX Visual Storyteller Bianca Graulau (https://www.instagram.com/biancagraulau)
Food Rescue US: https://foodrescue.us/
Rob Greenfield: https://www.instagram.com/robjgreenfield/
Miami Rescue Mission: http://www.miamirescuemission.com/

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Food Waste is Making Climate Change Worse | NBCLX

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