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Nexus Dialogue: Green and inclusive recovery.

SDG 13

COVID-19 has made the world stop and think. What kind of future do we want? And what recovery measures will get us there? A Nexus Dialogue: Green recovery has made the case for an inclusive and equitable green recovery that places climate, nature and development at its heart.

The world is already dealing with multiple intertwined crises – climate change, unprecedented biodiversity loss and rising inequalities. Poor and vulnerable communities are disproportionately affected by the impacts from these crises – with the added injustice that few have contributed to them directly.

COVID-19 has further exposed and deepened entrenched inequalities, and threatens to undermine progress towards climate, nature and development goals. Unless recovery measures are fair and inclusive, decades of development gains could be wiped out, (IIED findings).

Asad Naqvi
Head of Secretariat, PAGE Secretariat
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Meshack K. Mollel