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Why do we need Green recovery.

SDG 13 SDG 15

The coronavirus has hit the world economy hard. The UK, EU, and US have all suffered historic declines. Governments are pledging to rebuild again, to create jobs, spark growth, repair the damage done. The question is, What will our rebuilt economy look like? Will it favour polluting industries and corporations? Or will it instead center the environment, equality, and justice?

A green recovery focuses on policies and solutions that will benefit people AND the planet for years and years to come. Safeguarding the environment, through protecting ecosystems and fighting the climate crisis, is a big part of it, but so is investing in clean-energy jobs, ensuring everyone’s health, safety, and civil rights, and prioritising climate justice.

Historically, both here and abroad, our most vulnerable communities have suffered the most from air pollution and the many other environmental impacts of industrialisation. The same is true when it comes to climate change. As we transition to a strong and sustainable clean-energy future, we have to ensure that no one is left behind, that the people least responsible for this crisis are not hurt the most by it. We can do this! But we’re running out of time.

Kamal Gueye
Coordinator of Green Jobs Programme (GREEN), ILO
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