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Key Biodiversity-Gender entry points.


It is critical to ensure that both men and women have the opportunity to support biodiversity goals. Both men and women have a lot to contribute to biodiversity and ecosystem management. Considering gender issues in relation to biodiversity involves identify influence of gender roles on the use, management and conservation of biodiversity. Inequalities in rights and access, form foundation on which other differences related to biodiversity emerge.
The key entry points to ensure equal acess to biodiversity in order to further gender equality include:
Intergrating gender into national biodiversity strategies and action plans or (NBSAPs)
Gender-responsive NBSAP implementation can help provide new solutions to address biodiversity loss and help us move closer to the 2050 vision of "living in harmony with nature"
This requires alot of investments and adequate budget. There is need to engage dedicated gender experts in the process of developing plans, supporting implementation and reporting progress. This ensures that action plans proposed are thought through from a gender perspective.
There is need for whole government approach.
Its just not enough to include Ministry of Environment other ministries should also be included to ensure a wholistic approach.
There is need to strengthen linkages with other policy imperatives such as reporting on the convention on elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.
Implementation of Beijing Platform for Action. This can help engage more with the national women's ministries and other institutions engaged in implementing and reporting on this conventions

Chopped by

Trizah Akeyo