Chopped by Elijah Muindi
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It has always been since the very early years in Africa and in other farming continents that women's space is only in the farm and food growth.But there has always been a gap of them airing their needs,ideas,challenges and so many other issues that they go through.

Some of the issues/challenges that the women go through as per Semeen Qayum Include : -
a) Safeguarding women who got expert knowledge on ecosystem and protectors of biodiversity.
b) Undermining of the same women who guard biodiversity in decision making i.e full and equal participation.
c) Living a risky life as being the forefront human rights defenders,where they face intimidation, discrimination and Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the process..a good example the Late Wangari Maathai.

The above are just but a few issues/challenges.This raises an alarm on how we should treat our women with uttermost care and giving them the chance, opportunities,support and love.

When these women are included then the missing piece in this biodiversity jigsaw puzzle is found!

Chopped by

Elijah Muindi