Chopped by Elijah Muindi
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Between the 2019-2020 years there has been a lot of alarming occurrences on planet earth.
Drastic changes in water body levels, temperatures,rains,rivers,floods,draught patterns and so many other disasters.

To be specific the uprising of lakes has really been an headache to the human life. A good example is Lake Turkana,Kenya the lake has had a major increase as compared to the nineties and currently according the statistics. this has lead to displacement of people on the offshores leading to homeless families, submerging of farms where the families depended for their production of food,distruction of facilities like,schools,hospitals,markets and roads.
This is brought about by encroachment into forests, carbon emissions, deforestation which has led to bare lands therefore when heavy rains come there is a lot of soil erosion which all ends up in the lake basins hence siltation and bursting out of lakes.

We can help fight this unarmed killer;water which wipes out like a missile and kills like a bullet by planting more trees to reduce strong winds,plant more vegetation cover and gabions to reduce soil erosion,find alternatives to clean energy so as to reduce carbon emmissions which lead to the destruction of the ozone layer.

If we continue treating nature negatively, then payback time is knocking on our doors.
We can reduce flooding cases by planting more trees.
We can do this!

Chopped by

Elijah Muindi