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Did you know you can create a biofuel from grass?

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In a country where forest is under a massive threat due to the fast growing deforestation mainly caused by bushfire and charcoal production, a Young Madagascer Dr. Pascaulet Safidi has designed a machine that creates bio-briquettes, a biofuel made from grass using a press machine and that serves as a substitute for charcoal and coal.

• Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. A joint action to find an effective solution is required, and the good news is there are already technological innovation and individuals in the field of climate science like Dr Pascaulet who are coming up with a solution.

Key notes.

Compared to coal, Biomass Briquettes,
• Do not add any carbon to the atmosphere.
• Briquettes provide higher calorific value per dollar than coal when used for firing industrial boilers.
• They burn uniformly for a longer period of time
• The heat lost upon burning decreases i.e. the heat energy released is utilized properly without any
major loses. Compared to coal,
• According to researchers, integrating and designing an energy mix largely reliant on renewable energy would, simultaneously support strong growth, low emissions, and ecologically sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa.
• Currently, the main sources for the region’s energy-coal, oil, and traditional biomass (wood, charcoal, and dry dung) are associated with severe environmental and health damage.
• A recent article from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) says advances in renewable energy technology, its falling costs, and the continent’s geography can contribute to renewable energy becoming a prominent, affordable, and competitive source of electricity in Africa.

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