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Please Open Up Your Hearts and Act.

SDG 2 SDG 13

The call to climate change action requires world leaders to open up their hearts to act.
In his address to the COP 18 in Doha, in December 2012, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, stated that “the developed world should bear most of the responsibility” for mitigation because “the climate change phenomenon has been caused by the industrialization of the developed world”

"Climate change poses a deep moral challenge because it concerns a problem caused by those who consume most but whose consequences will be mostly felt by those who are most deprived"(Jamieson, 2010).

Sub-Saharan Africa for example account for less than 0.5% of historical carbon emissions. The children are actually responsible for none, but the region is among the most affected by climate change.
In a country like Kenya, over 2 million people are facing climate related starvation. The two rainy seasons the country experiences failed as a result of climate change. Kenya is a country that hugely relies on agriculture and patrolism. Agriculture is estimated to account for over 30% of the country's GDP. Failure of the two rainfall seasons is therefore a big hit to the GDP.

Climate change is having a growing impact on the African continent, hitting the most vulnerable hardest, and contributing to food insecurity, population displacement and stress on water resources.
From the devastating heatwave and wild fires experienced in Algeria to the devastating floods in Uganda and Nigeria. The continent is surely in for some tough times ahead.

It is estimated that by 2025 , which is just four years from now, half the world's population will be facing water scarcity. By 2050, 86 million people will be displaced in Sub-Saharan Africa as a result of climate change. The future generations will look back at COP26 and judge us by the actions we choose to take. We can't sit comfortably while those who do the least to endanger our planet suffer the most for it. We have a moral obligation to act with urgency to save our planet for future generations.

As humans we have the capacity to care deeply for our planet and act collectively to save it.

Chopped by

Trizah Akeyo

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