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Young Climate Activists are doing better and soon their Movement will Inspire Change.

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If Elizabeth Wathuti, A young Kenyan Climate Activist moving speech was anything to go by, then it may have left many world leaders at the COP26 conference hall scratching their head in shame.

The ‘Open Up Your Heart’ by the young activist captures how the world desperately needs the heart of humanity to solve the injustices of mother nature created by the same humanity.

Miss Wathuta, is a product of the Green Belt Movement founded by the late renowned Kenya environmental activist and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai whom she drew her inspiration from.

Young people have been talking about climate change for decades. But the latest generation of protestors in the name of Gretar Thurnberg, Venessa Nakate and the likes of Wathuti is louder and more coordinated than its predecessors.
The movement’s visibility on social media and in the press has created a feedback loop.

These young people are getting so much attention that it draws more young people into the movement and soon create an unstoppable movement that will redefine our quest to tackle the climate injustices as a result of bad leadership.

Thunberg, now 16, was inspired to start her weekly climate strikes by students in Parkland, Florida, who organized a national school walkout to fight for stricter gun laws after a mass shooting at their high school in 2018 left 17 people dead.

Thunberg and other young climate campaigners are not conventional, tree-hugging environmentalists, many see tackling climate change as a matter of global justice a framing that is more effective than a purely environmental message.

Some of their concern is related to natural disasters thought to be exacerbated by climate change, such as the record-breaking forest fires in the western United States last year, and Hurricane Maria, which slammed into Puerto Rico in September 2017.

Sooner, their relentless quest for just environment will be rewarded and this will be a win and a great motivation to the future generation.

Chopped by

Benard Ogembo

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