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Africa has solutions, but where is the Climate Finance ?

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SDG 13 SDG 17

In order to tackle Climate Crisis, there are differentiated responsibilities but working towards a common goal of ensuring there is Climate Action.

Africa, being a continent full of developing countries and least developed countries, the brunt of the extremities are likely to leave communities in fragile states. Even though the African countries have contributed the least to climate change, its vulnerability has been highlighted time and time again, and yet with it still comes responsibilities towards tackling climate change.

While industrialised countries work towards reduction in greenhouse emission, African countries are working mainly towards adaptation and mitigation while also trying to create resilience towards the climate emergency. Focusing on being in a position to meet their determined contributions, and also be able to develop without increasing detrimental effects on the environment.
These countries need to have strengthened capacity!

As we have differentiated responsibilities towards tackling climate change. Developed countries should therefore play their part as per the Paris agreement, as African countries, which seem to be disadvantaged also try on their end.

Africa has potential, but requires support that should be accorded to it, without being dragged deeper into debts.

So where is the Climate Finance to do all these?
Hopefully #COP26 outcomes sorts this out.

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