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Will COP 26 See the End of Coal Power?

SDG 13

The energy sector accounts for twenty five percent of global green house emissions. For the world to reach its target of 1.5°C of global warming, there needs to be a shift of energy sources from coal power to clean power.
During COP 26 , lobbyists are hoping to persuade developed countries like China, France, Canada and the Unites States of America to agree to end the use of coal energy by the year 2030 and by the year 2040 in developing countries.
However, persuading countries to ditch coal power might be difficult with the on going global energy crunch. The crisis being caused by weather events and a resurgence in demand as economies recover from the effects of COVID-19 .
Countries across the world are facing high energy prices. Poor families in developing countries have to choose between paying for food or power. Power rationing has been experienced in both developing and developed countries.

The world is put in a quagmire with governments trying to cushion citizens from the energy crisis, most of them might be reluctant to agree to face out coal.

Chopped by

Pascalia Kaguara

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