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International day for the eradication of poverty (17th October).

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According to a world vision survey about 9.3% of the world lives under extreme poverty, not even being able to afford meals for a day.

Many factors contribute to poverty in different ways. Some of these factors include; inequality, whether it is based on gender, race, sex or status, these inequalities lead to discrimination and misrepresentation hence factors such as poor health care and poverty are rampant in such cases.

Another major cause of poverty is conflict. Without stability and peace a lot of structures do not work for example agriculture, education or health. This the saying nothing can thrive in a war zone.

These are just but a few causes of poverty. The theme for this years international day for the eradication of poverty is, Building forward together: Ending persistent poverty, Respecting all people and our planet. Without partnership, peace and equality ending poverty can be a far cry but if the global community works together in all these different aspects especially building a fresh after the pandemic has revealed some lapses in the way things were being done, the situation can and will get much better.

Chopped by

Flevian Jaden

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