Chopped by Mercy Mumbi

Food is the Unique Story we all have.


Food is the unique story we all have worldwide that in some unique way brings peace among people. When we sit down and share a plate of food from our different cultures, its gives each of us a sense of belonging about our origins and who we are but also brings us together to sit down and share our cultures.
With all our differences food brings us together in the most peaceful ways and we should all strive to protect food production. We should increase production of natural food instead of leaning into processed foods and genetically modified foods. If we leaned into agriculture we could be working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals together with better food production we can say no to hunger and with exports of foods like maize, coffee and fruits economic growth can be fostered reducing poverty rates especially if priority would be given to small scale farmers in the rural areas.
As we celebrate world food day lets all take time to enjoy the delicious foods we have and also share a plate with your neighbor every once in a while.

Chopped by

Mercy Mumbi

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