Chopped by Mercy Mumbi

What thought comes to mind when you hear of climate change?

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What's the first thought that comes to mind when you hear of the word climate or climate crisis . For most people they either think it does not affect, its a thing for environmentalists or it does not affect Africans but the western world. But unfortunately that should not be the case, we should at least have a clue of what's happening around the world to our common home, Earth.
If you do not have knowledge be willing and open to learn of what is happening because information is the key to unlocking wonders we have within ourselves. Living a climate conscious life should be a part of you, it starts with us as it goes to the higher authorities .
And when it gets to our leaders they should stop giving us round table policies and get down to work, let us see them on the ground working with the locals. We are tired of being given policies to read and we want to see work being done we want to see the ground work.
The environment has a niche that can be tapped and greatly and can bring revolution to economy and also the to our environment.

Chopped by

Mercy Mumbi

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