Rwanda launch bike transport in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

SDG 11 SDG 13

This is the one step ahead where the small county in East Africa has used it's technology to efficient while trying to save the world from ultimately increase of global warming.

Always the country in the zone is smarter and using technology to increase green jobs as the international campaign to put SDG's into reality before 2030.

"The use of these bikes as new mode of transport in the city of Kigali will contribute to the promotion of smart and green city," said Pudence Rubingisa, mayor of Kigali at the launch of bike-sharing service.

He added that bike-sharing transport system within the city will make movements from one point to another more convenient and affordable.

"We are looking at expanding this initiative to other urban areas in the country," said Claver Gatete, Rwandan minister of infrastructure, at the launch.

He said that the government is encouraging and promoting carbon-free mobility in the country's growing cities and urban centers.

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