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Why we should talk about Mental Health and stop the Stigma.


In today’s society, the discussion of mental health has become a taboo of some sort.

There exists a definite type of fear when the topic comes up. It looks like we are afraid and ashamed of being called or labeled or “crazy.” However, what we fail to realize is how far that silence is holding us back from fixing such a critical problem.

Same to our physical health, mental health is a fundamental part of our daily lives that deserves our undivided attention.

The type of information we consume, who we associate ourselves with, our current circumstances, the behaviors we tolerate from other people and those we act out, all play an important role in how we feel about ourselves and how we approach life.

Taking care of your body is an awesome way to relieve stress, which in turn releases endorphins and boosts your self-confidence, ultimately reducing the chances of suffering from depression and anxiety.

A 2012 study steered by the World Health Organization(WHO) recods that nealy 200 million work days are lost each year due to depression, and five out of those ten leading causes of disability are related to mental health. Sadly, this means that individuals with untreated mental health issues have the possibility of facing economic hardship.

According to the Rhode Island Psychological Association, Having good mental health improves productivity, performance, consistent work attendance, and more. The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself.

Discipline does not only apply to how hard you work out in the gym or at work place. It is essential to having healthy relationships. Learn to set limits to what you can and cannot tolerate from a person.

When it comes to negative people, you have to set boundaries and strictly adhere to it for your health sake.. Let go of the negative self-talk, pessimistic over-analysis, and self-criticism. You are important, and you deserve peace.

Stress is inevitable in our lives; nonetheless we must learn to manage it. Managing stress and maintaining good mental health can help you handle the ups and downs of life in a better way, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, make better life choices, and help you discover your own potential.

Your mind is just as important as your and caring for your mind is crucial to managing your health. Not only will you live longer, you will live better. Do not let your mental struggles define what you future hold for.

As we approach the #WorldMentalHealthCongress2021, let us not ignore this issue. Make it a priority to talk about it with courage and stop the stigma.

Chopped by

Benard Ogembo

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