World Food Safety Day; Healthy food production systems for safe food


Food systems represent a complex web of activities involving the production, processing transport and consumption of food. Issues that concern food systems include the governance and economics that entail the actual stages in its production, it’s sustainability, the societal impacts of food production systems and how these relate to human health and well-being.

Food safety is vital and pivotal for the health and well-being of every human. Access to clean, safe and healthy food is a prerequisite for healthy living. This is highly dependent o. the effectiveness of the food production systems from actual production to consumption.

The agricultural production and food supply systems of a country depend on a varied number of factors, including government policies, ecological potential, and the level of technology, production inputs and skills of the agricultural producers and relevant stakeholders among others.
According to a report released by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations as at 2014, Uganda was deemed 89% food secure and safe. This implied access to and affordability clean and safe food was relatively easy and cheaper respectively. As a basic necessity of life, the ultimate goal of agricultural production systems is to entail the production of clean, safe and affordable food for all people in pursuit for SDG 2.

Across the African continent, there is a variance in the levels of food availability and thus food production systems. Areas within the Sahel region and as well bordering the Sahel are much more prone to instabilities in food production, which eminently have a direct proportion to the health and well-being of the citizens. According to report released by the Food and agriculture Organisation of the United Nations as at 2015, Countries and regions characterized by high food production are less prone to political instabilities. Prevalence of peace is a prerequisite for the boost of food and agricultural production systems. Political instability has a backed influence on the health of food production and may often interfere with its safety.

Goal 2 of the UN SDGs stretches out the need and actions aimed at ensuring zero hunger by 2030. Food safety remains a critical role of everyone to play as it directly links to the health of people all round the globe.

The World Food Safety comes in as a global reminder to create awareness of the relevance of food security and it’s cultural and socio-economic roles it has to play in the society.

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