Chopped by Alice C. Tanui
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SDG 13 SDG 17

We at SpicewarriorsKE remain unbowed in the battlefield, SDG 13 is dear to our hearts because we believe in positive social change but we won't push for social change outside our planet, that pushes us everyday to wake up and show up for mother nature? Our chief warrior always reminds us that the only qualification you need in order to act is the fact that we live here. Like warriors fight not knowing their fate, we are green warriors the battlefield had been/ is and will remain tough but for the sake of our future and that of our children we remain unbowed keeping the good fight
Recently I was excited reading the newspaper planning to focus on national policies and strategies by the government to fast track actions towards climate change in line with paris argument. I hope this will be a good fight beyond paper.

Our planet needs us it needs our voices and action for us to cover all the other SDGs
We'll pick our battles 'cause we know we're gonna win the war
We're not rattled 'cause we shattered all of this before
Steadier than steel 'cause we're ready with a shield and sword
Back on the saddle 'cause we've gathered all our strength for more

We can’t stop climate change entirely, but with global, collective action, we can reduce the extent of warming and we can be prepared for what is to come. The longer that meaningful climate action is delayed, the more difficult it will be to address it, and the more harm it will do.

Chopped by

Alice C. Tanui

All for a good cause;mother nature.
Cause there's no planet B.
We keep on,keeping on!
By Elijah Muindi, on 21/04/2021 10:04
Because our future generations will have a better environment than us
By Mercy Mumbi, on 22/04/2021 08:34