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How to ensure food security

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1. Close the Yield Gap
Most of our farming lands are drained of their natural fertility levels and cannot produce as much as they did years ago. To close the gap, governments and agricultural institutions in charge have come up with strategies and programs for improving crop yields, especially location-specific methods of sustainable agricultural intensification such as soil management and land improvement. Land conversion should be avoided as it encroaches into natural habitats and forests, and affects biodiversity and wildlife, and increases GHG emissions. The strategy or program set up should ensure food is available for all, and that wildlife and forests are not affect

2. Work Towards Defeating Climate Change
Climate change is severely affecting our lives and the production of food. If we fight climate change and farm sustainably, we will be able to ensure there is enough food for us and future generations. It is an additional step in fighting food insecurity,(Bishop, M, 2017).

In most of countries facing problem of food shortage due tu several reasons for example in African countries like Sudan, Ethiopia and in sub Saharan region due to several houses like climatic change, low level of technology used in cultivation as well as global market decline that why food production decline but by adoptation of various methods like irrigation, improving technology and market will solve this problem

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