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The climate emergency needs urgency

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The first climate emergency declaration was made in December 2016. This is an action taken by governments and scientists to acknowledge humanity is in a climate emergency.
More governments have been joining this since then and we all fighting for the recovery of our only home.
Some of the actions that need to be taken are;
-Decarbonizing the public sectors urgently
-Working with the people to reduce emissions
-Creating green jobs
- Renewable energy
Just like Covid-19 is treated with emergency for the good of everyone climate action should be taken. After COVID-19 recovery all governments will be working on economic recovery of their countries and this should not be done in expense of the environment
We should dare to dream,read, find green solutions after recovery and advocate for them

Vote in leaders that can transition to green economy, we won't eat money and all this developments won't be done on space

There is no planet B

Chopped by

Alice C. Tanui

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