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Turning plastic waste into cash.

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Nairobi on its own a city i Keya produces about 500 metric tones of plastic and only less than a third gets recycled including this great initiative to turn plastic into building materials but still less than a quarter of plastics that are waste get to be put in good use.
With the pandemic hitting the nation hard, if only the government came together with the youths to start up more project like this, then we would have a clean city, created job opportunities for youths and we will avoid them getting into drug and substance abuse nd illegal activities.
We would reduce the number of mines that leave the environment very untidy and cause deaths during the rainy seasons due to landslides and also reduces soil erosion from this mines.
Also when plastic are recycled we have a go a chance at making rivers clean and also survival of marine life at large in the oceans. If youths are given a chance to showcase their innovativeness and creativity they have a chance at turning the country around including the economy of the country. The government should offer better policies that support the youths small initiatives instead of turning them down.

Chopped by

Mercy Mumbi

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