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The post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework; ambitions for global action- Ms. Tanya, CBD

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The Post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework aims to set right forward ambitious objectives for biodiversity and gender equality.
The CBD draws focus to a whole of society approach to biodiversity conservation efforts, putting women at all levels, participating meaningfully towards conservation efforts; ranging from policy spaces down to local and on the ground action.
Whereas the need to champion the contribution and efforts of women is at the center of focus, of the conservation agenda, it still remains a collective role of all to acknowledge and recognise the inputs of women towards the strategic conservation action plans as highlighted in the conservation agenda.
The profound role of women towards the sustenance of ecological integrity and biodiversity conservation is rapidly gaining traction in the recent times, primarily mowing to the increased advocacy and awareness of Women’s rights and emancipation.
The right to inclusion is a humanitarian aspect and consideration as aligned with SDG 5 of the UN sustainable development goals. Environmental justice and inclusion as a fundamental right presents a rather complex interaction that sways way into both social and economic justices. The utmost need for social inclusion and involvement in all spheres of biodiversity conservation takes into account the collective role of the society in recognizing the efforts and contributions of all stakeholders, women and girls inclusively towards joint conservation efforts. Society approach towards conservation efforts should not draw attention to simply gender specific recognition, but rather appreciating meaningful contributions, outputs and benefits of joint efforts of all involved parties, women men towards the common pool.
In a bid to enhance gender responsiveness in biodiversity spaces, the post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, through three main targets aims to streamline inclusive and joint conservation efforts. These elaborate on the need for a whole of society approach into joint efforts and contributions. Nations as well through the Nationally Determined contributions, Long term strategies and Aichi target of the CBD are making significant contributions towards the biodiversity conservation agenda so as to not only the biodiversity crisis, but also the climate crisis, in complement to the post 2010 biodiversity framework.
Societies, national governments and global agencies ought to channel critical attention and focus towards gender inclusivity in biodiversity conservation efforts.

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