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Anger and exasperation, the latest coronavirus lockdowns spark protests around the world, especially in Europe.

Dr Michael Ryan, WHO’s emergencies chief, at a briefing in Geneva yesterday, said "We understand people's frustrations. but governments in Europe in particular at this time are facing a very, very difficult situation"

Anti-lockdown protest sees around thousands of demonstrators as European nations wound back the clocks to the spring with fresh lockdowns and restrictions aimed at halting galloping infections and deaths.

Officials have said European economies, already devastated by lockdowns in March, April and May, will take a further hit from the second series of closures, even though the new measures are mostly not as strict and many governments and companies and are better equipped to deal with them.

The virus has killed at least 1,196,109 people worldwide since the outbreak emerged last December, infecting more than 46 million.


Dr Michael Ryan
WHO’s emergencies chief
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