Chopped by Trizah Akeyo

Global disparity in acess to covid vaccines remains one of the biggest risk to ending the

Almost one and a half years after the first Covid 19 case, more than 181 million people have been infected with about 3.9 million deaths worldwide.
Development of effective Covid vaccines presented a ray of hope in the fight against the virus. Ensuring widespread global access to COVID-19 vaccines, which is necessary for preventing cases and deaths and contributing to global population immunity, is a critical challenge and one that could threaten the ability to control the pandemic. Despite efforts to address vaccine access, most notably through the creation of COVAX, which aims to support the development and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines with a particular focus on assisting low- and middle income countries, significant disparities remain.
High and upper-middle income countries have received about 83% of the vaccines while low and middle income countries have only 17% and they make up about 47% of global population. They are also experiencing devastating shortages of oxygen.
There are three things we can do to remedy this.
1.Close the US$19 billion for the access of covid-19 Tools Accelerator, for vaccines diagnostics and therapeutics
2. Countries to donate vaccines to Covax immediately
3. We need to pull up all the stops to increase production by sharing technology and also the knowledge.
We are only safe if we are all safe.