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A World Bank's study states that the influence of major natural disasters is equivalent to a global loss of $520 billion in annual consumption and pushes some 26 million people into poverty per year. For most situations, a successful response program eliminates perceived effects and facilitates 'rapid recovery,' minimizing accumulated impacts on public safety and the economy in general.Recently, debates on a successful post-covid19 economic and social recovery are progressing. Regarding how to recover better, the Covid19 pandemic has shown that SDGs are not only important to low-and middle-income nations but all countries around the world. In addition to the various suggestions from expects, Anastasia Gage inferred the use of trickle-down effects from global, regional and local behaviour. She recommended that national governments should invest in emergency services and that more focus should be paid to those who are usually affected by unexpected circumstances such as covid19.


Anastasia Gage
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